Business Coaching & Consulting

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What is Business Coaching & Consulting, and What it Isn't

A Business Consultant & Coach helps business leaders…

  • Obtain very clear focus. What is the business here for?
  • Prepare for and lead change, as it is one of the only constants in business
  • With decisions making, based on values and focused on outcomes
  • With accountability, to make sure it gets done
  • Through wise, experienced counsel
  • Set up a High Performance Advisory Board with access to worldwide resources.  Click HERE to Perform the High Performance Business quiz now. 

Business Coaching normally includes a fortnightly or monthly business coaching discussions…

  • Dealing with urgent and specific problems.  Get these out of the way so we can focus on...
  • Short and long-term goals and core outcomes
  • Client and business relationships
  • Communications
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Processes & systems
  • Client/Customer fulfilment etc.

Business coaching is important for all business leaders in order to meet company goals, create standards used to measure progress and fulfill the core purpose (vision, missions, values) of the business.

Business Coaches / Consultants don't provide a 'silver bullet' solution. Depending on where your business is currently, it could take a little time to see results. We do know how to get fast results, that's for sure – however it's up to you to implement the recommended strategies.

We are certainly not experts at everything, however we do know business. The wide range of industry experience we have certainly helps. Most of the keys to success in business are universal, not industry specific. We will work with you on your business to lift it to the next level. Surely if you've made it this far you are doing lots right.

We are not magicians who can turn your business into a passive income generation machine, fixing everything so that you can put your feet up in our first week of working with you.

As a coach and consultant we will employ our skills of professional coaching to empower clients to effect change, create new awareness, and most importantly take action. Finally we are not a 'done for you' (DFY) solution. We enable and empower you, and give you as much support as possible along the way, as well as showing you where to access the right resources. At times we will step in, however our preference is for you to develop the skills to remain as independent as possible. We have a very strong commercial background, with lots of good knowledge of business strategies and plenty of good ideas, however ultimately the decisions will be yours and the outcomes will be up to you. 

Business LIFT Coaches and Consultants are very experienced business professionals with real life business experience and access to lots of resources and a proven set of systems and tools who will facilitate a process that will help you improve your business.

Business consulting is essentially where you hire a part-time employee to work at a strategic 'board' level to make your business better, to drive change, to make more money, and to get your time back.

Business coaching works by helping you decide what to do next and then helping make sure you actually do it, and do it with quality resources.

We'll meet fortnightly or monthly (once you get momentum) to make sure you're taking action and implementing the plan, using our tools and resources to help you do the things you can't do on your own. Where necessary we'll help you find someone else to do them if neither of us is expert in a particular field, or if this is the best use of resources.

We believe you should "do what you do best, and outsource the rest".

At all times your remain in complete control and have the final say. Having said that, we are not "yes men" where we will agree with you all the time. Our desire is for frank, honest and direct intelligent conversations with rigour so that decisions are well thought out. Once decisions are taken, it's our job to make sure that what needs doing gets done. In a word, accountability!

Let's have a quick conversation to see if we should be working together. We know you're busy, and we also value our time. Frankly we only want to work with you if it's going to be a win/win. We must be able to provide you with outstanding outcomes and you must value our help.

If after this brief discussion it is clear we should look further into what services we can provide, we'll arrange a face to face (or via Skype) meeting where we will discuss…

  • More detail regarding the outcomes you are looking for
  • Determine if our coaching will add outstanding value
  • The costs of our services to you
  • Agreement to proceed or not to proceed at this time
  • Where to next

Rest assured that we don't want to work for you if we can't add outstanding value. Therefore there is no pressure either of us to work together. If it's right, we'll know after this first meeting.

Should we agree to work together then a typical meeting will take place at a convenient café where it is adequately private or at your work place. Alternatively other arrangements can be made if a strategic board room session is required.

You will be asked questions and at times be requested to bring specific management reports, business plans or other relevant documents such as Profit & Loss reports. You will also be asked to describe the main purpose of the business including the Vision and the Mission of the business. If you don't currently have these then don't worry, we'll help you develop them and achieve focus.

It is our desire to start adding value to your business immediately. Make sure you come with an open mind and be willing to brainstorm. Our role is to facilitate discussions that lead to breakthroughs, lifting your business to the level.

Where we are different

We are unapologetically Christian. It guides everything we do, and the way we conduct our business, however we may not overtly express our beliefs while coaching.

We are coaches and consultants. Coaching is a powerful influence for personal and professional growth. We are also help our clients from a consulting, advising, counselling, teaching, leading or mentoring aspect where needed - whatever is required to get you the best outcome.

Why Business L.I.F.T. 

Lift is an acronym for:

LLeverage your resources, influence and impact.
I : Influence your market, clients and staff
F: Finances: make more money (bottom line profit), more easily.
T: Time: ultimately this is our most valuable asset. Maximising it's use is our focus. This may simply translate into getting time back for those things that are most important to you.

Do You Have…

  • A clear focus of the overall purpose of your business?
  • Clarity and sense of purpose
  • A Vision & Mission statement to anchor your decision making?
  • Clearly defined values (maximum 4) that guide all your staffs decision making processes?
  • Knowledge of how to create an outstanding dynamic and immediately usable Strategic Plan?
  • Practical worksheets to start working on the Strategic Business Plan right now which helps you: 
    1. Set Goals & Objectives based on the Vision and Mission of the business?
    2. Implementing realistic Action Items that can be delegated and acted upon IMMEDIATELY?
    3. Customisable templates to use within your business straight away to ensure you achieve the next level of success?
    4. The ability to implement systems to drive a continual improvement & innovation culture?
  • Additional resources including…
    1. The Attributes of a Great Leader
    2. Business Analysis Tools

There is a bonus if you are a Christian entrepreneur or business owner. Help is available from someone who understands your values, and who also follows God in both his business and personal life. A unique combination of financial planning experience, traditional secular business acumen and strong, practical Christian experience is what Darren brings to your business.

Passion & Values  


Our Passion is to make businesses work, and really work well. Work well for the owners, work well for the customers and work well for the staff. Ultimately being a streamlined and effective organisation.


People matter
Honesty above reward
Valuable outcomes

Who Shouldn't Work with Us (and who should)

Work with us if you…

  • Can take feedback, as it is the "breakfast of champions"
  • Can set your Ego aside and not let it get in the way of making your business great
  • Don't need to justify because your are ready for outcomes and solutions
  • You know you don't know it all already

Work with us if you are willing to back yourself, you feel you have the 'right stuff' – it just needs guidance. Of course, this means you'll have a great attitude, belief in your business and the commitment "stay the course" that we set together. It may take some time, or it might happen really fast. Be prepared for both possibilities.

The feedback is that we're easy to work with and we know business.