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Luke Marshall - KDM Financial and Estate Planners

WOW! Is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the value, insights and resources that Darren has
 provided to my business and my personal development. Darren has helped me with my business since the day it started, and his expertise has literally turned ‘years into days.’ Having Darren’s guidance has provided a way to not ‘reinvent the wheel’ and even though he may not have all the answers, he definitely has a very good idea of where to look for them. I can’t thank Darren enough for his help so far, and I am excited to LIFT my business to the next level!

Walter Fleitmann
- Director
Enigma Financial Planning 


Richard and I were introduced to Darren over 12 months ago and ever since have been guided by his expertise and sound business advice. Darren has helped take our business from strength to strength and we will be always grateful for his wealth of knowledge, guidance and support.

Vanessa Crowe  Director/Owner
Monaro Workwear & Promotional


As a small business owner I had always aimed to grow my business.  I finally took the plunge and engaged Darren as a business coach.  His guidance, knowledge and practical advice has taken me from being “overwhelmed on a daily basis, trapped in the ‘busyness’ of running a business, without being able to lift my head to see the future”. To having a clear line of sight on how to achieve growth and success!

Darren has guided me to develop a business plan, directed me to the literature which has assisted me to understand the dynamics of business growth and collaborate with me to Make my Dreams a Reality

His support and wisdom are truly motivating and his own track record of success validates his approach.  He has brought back my passion to help people realise their financial dreams and as a result my own financial success.

Rachael Hunter Senior Finance Specialist
100% Financial Solutions 


"Since starting my business 6 years ago I have been winging my way through all the logistics of actually owning a small growing business.  Coming from a trade back ground I had all the skills to go out and do the hands on work, however I felt like I was treading water and slowly starting to get overwhelmed with the office work and managing the growth of the business. I was going home and constantly worrying about what I hadn't gotten around to doing that day. Until…

The first meeting with Darren went really well and I walk away with what felt like a small weight lifted off my shoulders now knowing that I wasn’t the only traddie that this has happened to.  However I was still a bit reluctant about spending money on getting a business coach, after all one of my main worries keeping me up at night was cash flow!

However in our first meeting Darren mentioned “even top sports athletes still need coaching” this kind of struck a chord with me because here I was a traddie with no real idea about business, trying to run and grow a business with absolutely no coaching or idea.

After signing up with Darren and only a few meetings I started to get a feel for why it is so important to have a structured week/day.  We started writing out our procedures on how thing are done and creating short cuts on basic office work that has saved us a lot of double handling. We can now see what direction we need to be heading to become a really successful business. In only a few month with Darren I have employed another full time worker and business is going really well, we no longer seem to have the peaks and troughs that frustrated me in the past. 

I have also had my office manager and leading tradesman meet with Darren too, and have found this has increased productivity and energy around the office.  We all seem to be on the same page now.  We still have a lot of work to do however I no longer feel like I’m just treading water.

For anyone who is considering a Coach I highly recommend Darren."

Shane Riley - Managing Director eGlaze Australia P/L


"Darren Laudenbach has provided business coaching to me in 2015.  This year, I have felt Darren’s coaching has both encouraged and challenged me.   Darren has been able to use his knowledge and wisdom to both grow both us as people, and our business.  Having Darren as a coach helps me stay on track, and continually refocusses me on doing the things that are important in my business.  We have a multi facet and growing business.  Having people I value and trust providing sound advice and wisdom to us, is essential.   Darren meets this brief.  I have more than saved his fee to date, and I look forward to an exciting future with someone I can trust and value, helping us grow our business to achieve its social, financial, kingdom and personal family goals into the future.  Thanks Darren.     
I am happy to add, that I am more than happy to chat to anyone thinking about having Darren as a coach, and would be happy to share my experiences with them."
Steven Mirtschin - Managing Director Mirtschindise P/L, Bean to Guru P/L, Mirtsch Enterprises P/L + 


"Darren is a great strategic planner and business coach. He can quickly
 analysis business issues and come up with practical solutions. There are a lot of "business coaches" out there but many of them have not ran a successful business. Darren advice is not based "hot air" but real experience running a number of successful businesses. I would recommend you have him as your business coach."

Jordan Mullen - Managing Director Web Based Marketing


"I started the business in May 2015 having just left a high level management position. I quickly realised that whilst I could do anything in the business, I couldn't do everything. After having some initial hesitations about engaging 'another expense' with a business coach, the decision was made that it was an essential investment to starting a successful organisation. We have very big plans for where we want this business to go and I needed a sounding board and someone to hold me to account for actions that must happen if I was to enjoy the desired results.

Darren has fulfilled the roles of advisor, accountability partner, mentor and friend. His experience and knowledge of operating business from the start-up phase through to maturity has been an asset to our company. Just his presence alone demands making working on the business a priority.

One of America's greatest leadership coaches John Maxwell talks about the 'Law of the Lid', that is organisations cannot outgrow its leader, the leaders are the 'lids'. If you want to firstly take yourself to the next level and then your business to follow, I would highly encourage business owners and managers to engage a business coach with the required credentials. Darren Laudenbach certainly fulfils that role with me and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Stuart McMasterElectrical contractor, B. Comm, Grad Dip. Public Admin, Director, Keeping Current Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd


Testimonials About the Business Essentials Events…

  • "Very helpful essentials to consider" – Mel P.
  • "Very helpful, makes you think, come and have a look next time we go!" – Berry P.
  • "Great!" – Craig H.
  • "I enjoyed it – it didn't get bogged down with excess detail – nothing went over my head" – Brian M.
  • "Worthwhile activity to remind you of what you are not doing" – Troy K.
  • "Good. Some fundamental points to get you moving and changing" – Catherine T.
  • "Worthwhile" – Deb W.
  • "Very interesting and informative" – John S.
  • "Good points and business planning. Simple steps." – Shauna K.
  • "Great for any business to understand and advance" – George B.
  • "Something for everyone to apply to what they do" – Charlene B.
  • "Very enlightening!" – Andrew M.
  • "Interesting and informative" – Mark A.
  • "Come next time! A great combination of information" – Christine H.
  • "If you're in business with yourself you need to go!" – Niki T.
  • "You will definitely walk away thinking about what you should do in your own business." – Damian H.
  • "Come and have a listen and learn a few things" – Fiona G.
  • "It was a great event for receiving some key and essential business advice" – Ashleigh B.
  • "It was interesting and informative, well worth coming along. Something to help everyone" – Manny B.
  • "Very good" – Brendon S.
  • "Go along – you may take something away from it" – Jodie J.
  • "Worthwhile attending" – Pete E.
  • "Was very informative and worth the time and would pass on the details of the next workshop" – Greg J.
  • "Very informative and worth the time" – Natalie S.
  • "Yes, very positive." – Mandy D.
  • "Essentials for new business owners or those thinking of owning a business" – Malcolm W.

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