Top Professionals Have A Coach

Every Top Professional Athlete has a Coach. Top Business People are no Different!

Click on the link to learn how Google's CEO feels that business coaching provides benefits to both the inexperienced as well as the experienced.


Studies by the International Personnel Management Association have shown that productivity increases by 88% when trainings are combined with coaching as opposed to 22% with trainings alone. The International Coaching Federation has conducted a survey of 11,000 coaching clients, most of whom requested help with time management, business relationships, and career. We have summarised the findings as follows:

  • 98.5% found their investment worth it, regardless of cost.

  • 85% wanted the coach as a sounding board, because they find it challenging to talk to their stakeholders or board of directors for advice and feedback.

  • 78% wanted an independent person to act as a motivator to hold them accountable to their planned goals.

  • 57% wanted an independent friend.

  • 51% noticed enhanced self-awareness, greater self-confidence, better goal setting skills and higher results on business targets.

  • 50% were seeking a coach for improved life-work balance.

  • 40% wanted a coach to help them with their goal setting, especially financial goal setting. 40% noticed that their communication skills had improved as a result of coaching.

  • 33% noticed that they experienced more fun in their lives as a result of coaching.

  • 25% noticed that coaching had improved their earnings.