Innovation and Lateral Thinking

Jun 17, 2017

A number of years ago at a conference in Amsterdam I had the privilege to meet Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. At the time Michael was a Melbourne-based author, motivational speaker and cognitive scientist, whose research has been in designing human thinking strategies and what he calls ‘software for the brain’. In 1979, he co-founded the School of Thinking in New York City with Dr Edward de Bono and in 1980, Dr de Bono was Michael’s tutor for the world’s first PhD in Lateral Thinking. He has also advised business greats such as Jack Welch, Chairman of General Electric. I was awarded a Certificate in Lateral Thinking for attending. Read More

Top Email Management Tips

Oct 23, 2016

Managing your email inbox is critical if you want to ensure that your response time is efficient, important emails do not get lost and appointments and/or deadlines are not missed. In order to manage your email inbox, it’s important to keep a few key tips in mind each day as you sort through the day’s mail. Remember to budget some extra time for this whenever you’ve missed a day or two (such as on Monday after the weekend break), as it will take more time to go through things and act accordingly. Read More

Goal Setting

Jan 15, 2016

Please let me introduce Sharon Pearson & Brian Tracy, two extraordinary people and  two of world's best experts developing a “success mindset”.  Read More

6 Levels of Business Part 3

Oct 09, 2015

read part 1 of this article HERE or part 2 HERE

4. Sales

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6 Levels of Business Part 2

Oct 09, 2015

This is a continuation of 6 Levels of Business Part 1 Read More

6 Levels of Business Part 1

Oct 09, 2015

I am always picking up new methods of refining and improving business – both mine and others’.  These days, I do my best not to make decisions in my business based on emotion. I make decisions based on these 6 levels, in the order listed.  This works, and that’s what counts.  At first, it might seem that the order is incorrect, however, please don’t make up your mind until you’ve heard me out. Read More

7 Keys to Get Organised in Your Business

Sep 18, 2015

Why are you doing what you are doing when you are doing it?

Keeping track of your time for a week might surprise you. By reviewing your findings, you will learn quickly any activities that are unnecessary and soon move to eliminate or delegate them.   Here are 7 Keys to Getting Organised…
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Watch Your Numbers!

Sep 02, 2015

What got you started in your business? Where is it going now? Do you know? Is it what you originally intended? If not, why… what happened? If it is going as planned, then what’s the next step and how do you go about implementing your strategy? Read More