Results You Want

Every Successful Sports Person has a Coach... and Successful Business People too.  Discover what the CEO of Google has to say HERE.

Drive More Sales

Quite often this is the fastest way to turn a business around – and that's important. It isn't the whole picture though. If you suddenly increased your sales by 200% it might solve a short-term cash flow issue, however what other issues might it create?  Do you have a High Performance Business?  Try this quick quiz and find out now.

Increase Business Profitability

This is really the bottom line. We want business to create more profit so that it has the resources to…

  • Pay more to the owners (dividends, salary, profits, etc...)
  • Grow the business with reinvestment of the these profits (staffing, stock, resources, reducing debt, systems etc...)
  • Enable the business owner the freedom to work on the business more and in the business less
Exit You From Your Business

The best business in one you don't have to work in. You may decide to sell your business or to keep it as a passive shareholder. You may even decide you love working in your business so much that you want to keep working, however having the business in such good shape that you don't have to is liberating.

Getting your business in this kind of shape also maximises its value to potential buyers. So whatever Exit Strategy you'd like, we know how to get you there and get you there fast.  Is establishing an Exit Advisory Board right for you?  Check out the details HERE

Grow Your Business

All businesses are doing one of three things:Growing, Plateauing or Declining.

If your business is unintentionally plateauing or declining then it is really dying.

what happen to your business

The solution for…

  • Declining – how to "light the fire"
  • Plateauing – how to "fan the flames"
  • Growing – how to "fuel the fire"
Systemise for Leverage

Are you finding you are spending too much time dealing with crisis management - dealing with the urgent distractions, but not with the important matters in your business. Often the solution is found in Systemisation. Systemisation is the key to successful business today. There should be "no original thought in any routine situation within your business". Is this true of your business? If not, you definitely need our help. 

Does your business have systems and strategies in place?  Check out how your business rates HERE.

Outcomes you can expect from our coaching & consulting include…

  1. Increase Business Profits
  2. Clear Focus – on the right things, at the right time
  3. Future Planning  - exit business owners
  4. Focused Marketing, Increased Sales
  5. Lifting Business Leadership Skills – managers, owners, and staff
  6. Mentoring, Accountability & Support
  7. Money & Financial Management improvement
  8. Improved Stewarding of Business Resources
  9. Exit Plan | Succession Planning. Test your business now and see how attractive it is to a potential purchaser by clicking HERE.
5 Key Benefits of coaching with LIFT
  1. Professional facilitation with many years of experience in a variety of highly successful businesses – see HERE for more details
  2. Gain even more understanding of your businesses:- Vision, Mission and Purpose, setting clear Objectives and Goals - and why they are essential to your businesses future success
  3. Critical Action Plans - talk is cheap, action is what matters. Develop practical Action Plans to know who should be working on what and when
  4. It is Proven - those that work on their business (and not just in them) achieve significantly better results. Take time out to work on your business, rather than just being a worker in it.
  5. Empowerment to develop continuous improvement as the business steps up to new levels of success.
10 Reasons for Strategic Planning
  1. Creates a definition for success and longevity
  2. Creates motivation, a common focus and a sense of ownership for all those involved in the business
  3. Ensures a common language and culture is developed along with very focussed commitment to agreed outcomes
  4. Defines operating challenges, issues and obstacles
  5. States specific operating and staff development resourcefulness essential for long-term sustainable growth
  6. Focuses everyone on the significance of having a ‘servants heart’ - serving both the internal and external customer
  7. Defines operational and systems development priorities
  8. Defines effective marketing and sales strategies
  9. Establishes financial goals and KPI’s (key performance indicators)  
  10. Eventually gives you a real business that you don't have to work in for it to be successful